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Mali Mowcka







Mowcka currently lives between Barcelona and London whilst also travelling continually to different cities and intervening in the streets with murals and paste-ups. She has created exhibitions and participated in festivals in many cities across Spain, United Kingdom, France, U.S.A., Argentina, and Japan.


Mowcka's artwork is distinguished by the presentation of a diversity of characters broadcasting positive messages, exploring the search within each of us to connect ourselves with nature and with our feelings, creating equilibrium in the face of every challenge and situation that comes our way.


Simplicity is an important symbol in Mowcka's artworks, where the characters that she creates continually engage in a sensitive dialogue, full of vibrant colours, where everything interacts harmoniously and creates connections with elements of nature, charged with symbolism, always in search of introspective reflection, observing every change and contraction. Currently Mowcka forms part of Gallery Artes Vistas and Beaskoa in Barcelona.

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“By working with one’s own different inner states I believe each person can make up their own interpretations of my pieces.”

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