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Kin One is a Bristol-based street artist, specialising in large scale murals as well as air brush and other more traditional painting mediums. Often exceptionally experimental and with a highly developed technical understanding, Kin shows an ability to work in a broad range of styles.

In recent years both his commissioned and personal work have moved into the realms of realism, and although still regularly working with animals as a subject matter, there is now more often a human element noticeable in his work.
Kins love of art started when he was just 5, with encouragement from his older brother, who is also an artist. Growing up on a farm and with a mother who worked as a vet, his earliest inspiration came from the various animals around him.

At college and University he learnt more traditional painting techniques, guided by his teachers who saw his potential. After graduating from University Kin was prolific and innovative, creating work across a range of styles and using a variety of different mediums. His highly experimental techniques and particular flair for photo realistic images have led him to fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a highly successful artist with his images becoming  synonymous with the Bristol area. 

“All I ever wanted to do is art. There's always something new to learn.”

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