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Irene Lasivita lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the city where she was born. Self-taught, she works as a painter, muralist and digital artist and runs an independent workshop school.


She has participated in festivals in Latin America and Europe as a muralist, as well as in numerous exhibitions in the Buenos Aires indie scene as a painter, and she has also worked as an art director and character designer in animation. Recently, she began investigating the world of VR art, creating scenarios and worlds based on her own style, while taking its first steps into the world of NFTs.


Fantasy reigns in her production, both pictorial and digital. It is a fantasy permeated by varied influences, ranging from animation to Western and South American myth, constituting an intercultural visual-fabric coherent with its origin and its time. This supernature is represented in scenes in which humans, animals, vegetables and beings that are something in the middle of it all cohabit.

“I think that for artists the moment of testing their own work on another stage is a bit of an initiation.”

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