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Photo by Lazar Kostić


Chenipe is a Serbian artist from Belgrade,

whose work expands on different artistic medias, murals,
canvases, sculptures and digital art.


Illuminate by HazardOne


HazardOne was recognised as one of the Top 5 female

graffiti artists in the UK and the Top 25 female street

artists worldwide.


My Story

Irene Lasivita

Irene Lasivita lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the city where she was born. Self-taught, she works as a painter, muralist and digital artist and runs an independent workshop school.



Mowcka currently lives between Barcelona and London whilst also travelling continually to different cities and intervening in the streets with murals and paste-ups.


Kin One is a Bristol-based street artist, specialising in large scale murals as well as air brush and other more traditional painting mediums.

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