About YOOF

Our Purpose


YOOF is a socially motivated organisation focused on curating and celebrating talented ‘Urban Fine Artists’ and promoting their artwork to a local, national, and international audience. Based in Cardiff, Wales and founded by social entrepreneurs Cam Sharpe & Chris Butt in 2021, YOOF is tapping into the energy of urban street art to benefit cityscapes and provide commentary around social change.


Covid has impacted many communities since 2019 and young people have been particularly affected by the limited creative opportunities during the pandemic. This coupled with the change in perception from street art as vandalism to artistry shows its strides towards becoming socially acceptable.


YOOF is at the forefront of promoting this need for change and the overlap with the current mental health crisis. By commissioning, curating, and promoting emerging talent, YOOF will bring the energy and passion of their artwork and at the same time highlight and support young people facing mental health or relationship issues. A minimum of 20% of the retail price of all the artwork sold or commissioned is invested directly in support of young people’s mental health services.



Our Values


YOOF encourages diversity, inclusivity, and creativity as an engine of change – using business as a force for good to help solve acute problems facing young people today. Any surplus or profit made is reinvested and YOOF provides complete transparency around commissions paid to artist and charity.


Why Mental Health?


Many young people are struggling. Since the pandemic, more young people than ever before are finding it hard to cope with their mental health and how they're feeling. That’s why access to early support can make a critical difference to young people who are struggling right now. 52% of young people aged 17-23 say their mental health has deteriorated in 2021. By buying and commissioning the art, members will help young people gain better access to mental health services and end the wait for early support.

Our Mission: To champion young people’s artistic talent and support mental health services.

Funding and Support


YOOF is self-funded currently, but to expand and realise its vision it will rely on grants, donations and investment from like-minded individuals, organisations, and local & national agencies.


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Mental Health Charities and Support Services


If you are a charity or organisation delivering services to young people struggling with their mental health, then we’d like to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about how we can support you.


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